Adam Joy

by Adam Joy

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(free) 03:14


released November 26, 2011



all rights reserved


Adam Joy Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Metaphorical Montage (wow!)

The puzzled man is a hydrant
The shooting star was just an airplane
And I'm in a museum in a city
I've been told to melt away by plenty

All those times you said, "Please help me"
You were sitting on your mattress
Grinning as you watched me suffer
turning me into your television show


I will be in shock for the season
the autumn weather is what I'm feeling
Each hope in my chest is a leaf and my heart is a tree

I'll never be able to find another seed.
Track Name: Wrapped in Aluminum
Biting your lips with no reason
to act unlike all your neighbors
several hours, lying on the floor sore

I've seen better
In a handbag
containing your costume
holding your wallet
holding a dustball

now I'm lost
in a fading pulse matching your rhythm
on a holiday, far away from everything
everything is gray

Winter waddles into flashbulb
siblings chasing all your whispers
shattered eyeballs, lying on the floor sore

I've been chilly
Wrapped in tinfoil
trapped in videos of when I was little
When I was toothless
When I was innocent

And I've sent
a bomb to your innards
to stop you from functioning
and killing me with soda pop and poison tea

I've forgotten how to breath
Track Name: Losing Your (Dull) Color
Yesterday I saw my Iris in a sandstorm
Coughed up blood and checked myself into a hospital
Ran away and made a home out of a trash can

And then I cried
While reminiscing
Dried my eyes
My Iris missing
My heart is a cloud
My soul's in a cast
I've got amnesia
But I'm best friends with my past

I've trusted my instincts
I've always gone with the flow
Now I'm a sad, sad human

And my heart beats slower
And I've lost the color
Surrounding my pupils
Even though it was just brown
Even though it was just brown
Track Name: Dizzy Earth
Dizzy Earth, Constant television
Dusty bookshelf, We've forgotten how to Read-
my lips
I promise that I'll lie to you
My costume rips whenever I say Hi to you

Kiss my lips
follow me into a hole
call me silly
make me smile

Message me when you're getting off the aeroplane
I will greet you with a teardrop dancing x2

It'll never happen
It never happened

Kiss my lips
follow me into a hole
call me pretty
make me smile
Track Name: Your Twisted Head's Sweet Creations
I still recall the time you called me
On Sunday night at 2 in the morning
You cried
But I couldn't help you

You were a jewel in front of a hobo
who stuck a knife into your ankle
and I heard you collapsing

Frightened by your twisted head
Making out with cigarettes to help me forget you

Your poor narcolepsy never existed, never existed
Your poor matopapyrophobia was crafted to make me spit out my soda and poke you right where
I knew you would cringe

Colorblind through eyes and mind
now that I believe

Apologize, you foolish demon it's passed the time

Frightened by your twisted head
Track Name: Rainfall(ing)
It wont be long, it wont be long
before we don't belong where we blossomed
I'll travel along, I'll travel along an empty sea with a compass in my hand

I've seen lipstick smeared on ancient stone
I've been sucker punched right into the unknown
Violent telephone
Cry, Cry megaphone

and if I move on, if I move on
I'll move move move until I'm gone

settle down candy town
laminate that fragile frown

denim cheeks
weeks of ceremonies
son, I'm thinking straight for once
I'm terribly afraid
of terribly insane cups
Feeding me their pain

I hate the Rainfall
I hate the Rain falling
Track Name: Interrupted by Daymares
Chasing optical mangoes
painting, colorblind
the sun damaged our brain cells
crying, breathing in

Construction paper
Gothic Phases
Pinecone needles and branches
Family Dinners

Ghost eyes,
friendly mist of color,
tuck yourself into my bed
where I dream of living again

And we would run around the house while Grandpa held a stopwatch keeping us from raising hellfire.